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No more struggling in the gym on your own, no more lacking motivation to change, no more putting it off till tomorrow, now you can become part of a unique Brotherhood of men over 30 on the same journey as you. Helping, supporting and motivating you through together as a team, lifting you up and cheering you on to victory! No ego’s, no procrastinating, just working as a solid unit to achieve life changing results.

This is your opportunity to finally stop wasting your time, holding yourself back and invest in your success. We actually don’t want men who are just waiting to change, we want real honest men like you, to step forward and rise up to break through your comfort zone and take action to fulfill your potential. 

Whether you want to look better on the beach or by the pool, become more confident in yourself, be a healthier role model for your children or improve your appearance for yourself or your partner. This is your opportunity to finally lose the gut, feel energised and unstoppable. Awaken your warrior sprit!


The Spartan T28 challenge is a 28-day transformation challenge designed specifically for ordinary busy men, age 30+ living in Worthing and the surrounding area. Men who want to be motivated and defined, improve their health, energy, confidence and feel reborn as strong, toned, energized warriors, working as part of a supportive team

Michael Ladbrook's story

Signing up to Spartans was the best thing I have ever done.
Not only has it improved my fitness and body shape it has given me the confidence to take on new challenges in my work life to not only push on to achieve my fitness goals but to push on to new goals in my work and personal life. All it takes is 1%.

Peter Sullivan's story

I consider myself very fortunate to have found and to be part of Project Spartan. This is no ordinary gym where people are plugged into their phones, training in an isolated and unsupported manner. Everyone is there training and achieving together, motivating and pushing each other on. The quality of the instructors and the support they provide is second to none. Some people want to change but don’t know how to get there, some people are scared of change. The key difference with Project Spartan is that through encouraging and building accountability, it actually delivers change and everyone whom looks back on where they started, can look back proud as they and the Project Spartan programme has delivered on that desired change.

Andrew Toogood's story

People often say “this changed my life” and you feel inclined to not believe them. But I wouldn’t be lying if I said joining Project Spartan was one of the best decisions I had made. Ben and his team of top quality coaches really know their stuff. They are committed to helping you change for the better, but make no illusions that without 100% input and commitment from yourself, you won’t see the results you want. 
What’s great about PS is everyone there is a normal 30+ guy, with families, businesses, and other things in their lives. No gym bunnies, no posers, no egos. Just a group of warriors who will have each other’s support all the way. 
If you’re thinking of applying I’d say do it, but don’t expect anything to be easy.

Jeremy Aston's story

Been doing Spartan for 2.5 months now and consider it one of the best things I have ever done. It’s not just the improvements to my fitness, strength and shape that I have seen in a short space of time, it’s not just the additional training with high intensity cardio work every other week, it’s not just the extra support with the nutrition club, facebook groups, recipe books and it’s not just the feeling of support and comradeship that comes from being led by engaged coaches and other members. For me it’s also about the wider effects of looking at how honest and accountable I am with myself in all aspects of my life. Getting physically fitter and stronger and achieving goals in the gym is great but it does make me ask questions about what else I can improve about myself. I’ve procrastinated enough about my health and done something about it. Now is the time to do the same elsewhere and Spartan is the catalyst for driving that change.


I am a normal 40-year-old guy with a wife and little girl Gracie- Mae who is 3 a half years old. I know all too well as you get into your 30’s, 40’s, 50’s and beyond, your life and body changes, less wild carefree living and more responsibility, more pressures, more stress and you start to wonder how you got here. I know how it feels to feel stuck and not prioritize your health and fitness.

My awakening came when I read a book called the ‘Warrior Ethos’ by Stephen Pressfield. It made me realize I needed to focus on changing my life and make wholesale changes to my mindset, training and nutrition and the more I worked on learning to change myself, the more I was able to help other men in the same position and Project Spartan was born.

5 years later we have helped over 600 men locally transform themselves. You could be our next success story.


A selection of results from the Spartan program. Age doesn’t have to be a barrier to transform your body. Our mission is to make you stronger, fitter and more mobile with less aches and pains. We do this through a tried and tested system that we have progressed and evolved over the years that will deliver a dramatic physical change as you can see from these Spartans results…

Paul Hearn, 45

Gordo Jones, 48

Lee Wilkins, 45

Paul Chapman, 35

Gavin Hammer, 36

Fraser Britt, 41



The Coliseum is possibly one of the most unique training facility’s on the south coast. Equipped with a treatment room, changing rooms, showers and air conditioning and heating for those winter icy mornings! The perfect environment for us to help you become fitter, stronger and healthier.


The Spartan Blueprint is jam packed full of our tips and tricks to short cut your way to a faster Spartan body transformation, showing you how we have manged to changed literally hundreds of local men’s bodies, minds and lifestyle. We don’t promote a quick fix solution, but we do believe in making it simpler and easier for you to see the results you want.

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