discover your personal truth free from ego


This legendary challenge is designed specifically to help busy, tired, unmotivated, out of shape, ordinary men aged 30 years plus.  Giving them the positive push to lose the gut and feel reborn as confident strong, toned and energised warriors.


awaken your true warrior spirit

The Spartan Ethos is built on the philosophy that men can discover their own truth, one that is free from ego, and one that helps them to awaken their  own warrior spirit.

Every man has demons but Spartans have made a powerful commitment to conquer what holds them back through clarity, focus, courage and relentless determination.

how the spartan challenge will help you

You  know that moment when you keep MEANING TO CHANGE.

Meaning to; go to the gym to get in shape and tone up, do some exercise so you feel like you have more energy, eat better so you can  create a lasting healthy lifestyle, stop worrying about your future health, stop feeling embarrassed when taking your shirt off at the beach or by the pool…

But, it just never quite happens the way you want it to. You get a bit of momentum; you begin watching what you eat, you join the gym for a month or two, you have good intentions but life just gets in the way. You don’t see the results you want then without even realising it, you’re doing nothing. You start going through the motions, telling yourself you will go tomorrow or “start the diet on Monday”, but in reality your progress has stopped and you’re back to the beginning again.

The Spartan Challenge will give you the POSITIVE PUSH  you have always been looking for…

When that voice tells you “I’ll leave it till tomorrow” or “I‘m just so busy” or “I’ll just order another take away tonight” we are here to keep you accountable and focused on what you want.  We will help drive you forward and create results that actually last. Results that make you feel proud. Results so good that all your friends will be asking you how you achieved them.

Bens story - Spartan Founder

I experienced darkness, panic attacks, weight gain, and a breakdown, then at 36 I was re-born. I hope that my journey will  help you discover your own truth so you can become a chiseled, unstoppable warrior…

My story is for men over 30, who want to create a serious positive change within themselves. Men who may have struggled to see results but who are determined to turn back the clock. Men who want to have more energy & motivation, and become stronger mentally and physically.  And finally men who want to lose their middle age spread and feel energised and defined.

Individually we are strong together we are unstopable

The Brotherhood is bonded together by the belief that individually we are strong, but collectively we are an army of superhumans, all going into battle as one.